Imbewu: Zimele kicks the kids to the curb

It just got real on Imbewu guys

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mpumelelo Bhulose  | Drama

When the paternity results of the Bhengu siblings was revealed, the country almost came to a standstill.

The secret has been out for a minute now therefore loyal viewers of the show wondered what Zimele would do after finding out that he is actually not the father of the four kids.

On Monday’s episode, the unfortunate incident took place whereby Zimele had both Zakithi and Zithulele escorted out the building of Maluju after finding out that they were not his biological kids.

Zakithi and Zithulele want to move on and put everything behind them but do they really want peace or is this just a ploy to secure the inheritance as Zimele had already suspected?

It is also going to be quite interesting to witness the awkward (presumably) integration of Shongololo and his newly found children especially given the fact that he is not the wealthiest man around.

Witnessing Phunyuka escorting both Zakithi and Zithulele in such a rude manner was definitely a sore sight especially seeing that these two once played pivotal roles at Maluju and in Zimele’s life as a whole.
Financial troubles lay ahead of the Bhengu family hence Zakithi and Zithu have officially joined the unemployment lane like most people.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@etvimbewu