More on why Mphumelelo Bhulose got fired

It seems like he didn't see eye to eye with the co-executive producer

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mpumelelo Bhulose  | Drama

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This week we learned of the sudden exit of Imbewu's principal actor - Mpumelelo Bhulose. According to Isolezwe, it was alleged that one of the reasons why Bhulose was fired is because he was absent for three weeks straight from work. But now it seems like there was a third reason behind him getting sacked.

 According to Sunday Sun newspapers, Bhulose was booted out of the etv drama series as he refused to take orders from the show's co-executive producer - Leleti Khumalo who is also an actress in the drama series.

According to the reports it's alleged that the actor and actress had an exchange of words off-camera that lead to an argument.

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In the alleged argument, Sunday Sun reported that its sources informed the paper that Bhulose had issues with taking orders from Leleti Khumalo as "he regarded her as his equal and not his boss."


However, the publicity manager of the show then informed the paper that the "perceived" argument was not the reason why Bhulose got booted out and that his services were terminated for other reasons.

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