#Muvhango: Tryphina is getting out of hand

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

It was so interesting to see the likes of Lerato Kganyago and Julius Malema tweet about what is possibly one of South Africa's best drama series.

For those who don't watch Muvhango, Tryphina's employer Lerumo slept with his wife's business partner and son's fiancé, Carol.

Now, before you bite Carol's head off, Carol did not know her fiancé Morapedi was Lerumo's son when they first got together, and by the time she found out, she was head over heels in love with him. But she chose to keep the Lerumo incident a secret, which may have been a big mistake.

Tryphina found out about Lerumo and Carol's one-night-stand because Carol left her ear ring behind, which was found by Tryphina while she was cleaning.

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For days, Tryphina has been blackmailing Lerumo and Carol, asking Lerumo for a 20% salary increase and telling Carol she had better make sure Lerumo never fires her, otherwise, she would spill the beans.

On Tuesday evening, Lerumo confronted her about her "stinking attitude", and she loudly said she would tell Lerumo's wife, Moriti, about the affair, not knowing that Moriti was eavesdropping.

Eish, I, like many tweeps, felt like telling Tryphina to get lost, and below are some of the reasons I think it was not a good idea for her to spill the beans.

-    She is just a helper, she should stick to her job and keep her mouth shut about things that don't concern her.
-    Now we won't get to see Carol and Morapedi's wedding, because Moriti said there will be no wedding.
-    Poor Moriti – she really loved Carol and treated her like a daughter. She even went to the extent of buying her a R40,000 engagement dress which, unfortunately, after learning about the affair, was cut into pieces. That was really heart-breaking to witness.
-    It was just a one-night stand with no strings attached. Can Tryphina just chill?
-    The Lerumo family will now be divided, and we might even see a divorce.
-    Tryphina must concentrate on her own affairs. She doesn’t have a relationship, does she?

Below are what some had to say on Twitter:

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