Backlash Over Nadia's Alleged Mother's Day With Zinhle and Pearl

However, it this true, is the question?

By  | May 16, 2023, 11:21 AM  | Nadia Nakai  | Drama

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So much so that Nadia has in the past asserted how her initially choosing Cassper’s camp might have not been a great idea. As reported at the time: 

Nadia was officially the last signee to leave the record label. At the time of her departure, she then went on to feature on the last season of The Braai Show hosted by AKA before Cassper took over the reins. 

At the time, fans and Hip-Hop lovers believed that Nadia was drawing a line in the sand and making her allegiances clear. 

…However, taking Nadia’s recent tweet into consideration, it seems that Nadia has returned to shading Cassper on social media. This is as it seems that she believes that if she was not caught up in the feud between Cassper and AKA, that they could have dated for longer than they had. 

Backlash over Nadia's alleged Mother's day with Zinhle and Pearl

On Twitter, there was a story circulated which seemingly aimed at painting Nadia Nakai’s friendship with DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi in a negative light. 

The story in question aimed at suggesting that Nadia spent her Mother’s Day on Sunday, 14 May 2023, with DJ Zinhle, Pearl Thusi, and their children in Cape Town instead with her own family. 
As such, the comments were filled with slightly hateful comments directed at Nadia questioning why she was not spending time with her own mother and family on the special day. Moreover, there were those that were warning DJ ZInhle to watch Nadia with her husband.
However, slowly, Nadia’s fans and supporters took to the comments section to defend Bragga. This is by making it clear that Nadia did indeed spend time with her own family on the day. 

Moreover, it was highlighted that Nadia and Kairo have built a mother-daughter relationship and that is the reason she was there.
Nadia has not entertained the backlash as it is untrue and seemingly aimed at clickbait…

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