Nadia Nakai's teeny weeny aeroplane meltdown

She wasn't about to risk it all

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nadia Nakai  | Drama


We know how daunting a flight can be, especially when you're afraid of heights, but when you find out that the plane you're about to board is as tiny as an RDP house, you might just reconsider getting on.

That's exactly how Nadia Nakai felt when she realised she was about to get on the tiniest plane she's ever boarded.

Celebrities are used to flying on luxurious private jets, but Nadia was taken aback when she realised that she was about to hop on a plane that looked as though it could only carry one person.

Although Nadia looked calm and collected in the picture, her caption said the opposite.

The rapper had a busy week doing back to back gigs, and the only way she was going to make it to her Richards Bay gig was to catch a plane to the Kwa-Zulu Natal based town.

Flying is no big deal to Nadia but when you find out that you're about to fly on the smallest plane you've ever laid your eyes on, it can cause you to have a bit of a nervous breakdown. 

Watch Nadia as she has a meltdown over the small aeroplane.

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She really wasn't about to hop on this aeroplane, I don't blame her, I wouldn't either.

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But like the trooper she is, Nadia eventually got on the plane to Richards Bay with her entertainment peer - DJ Speedsta

DJ Speedsta

Respect to Nadia for being brave and getting on that plane.

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