Nadia Nakai gets dragged for her homophobic tweets

Sigh...another one 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nadia Nakai  | Drama

Nadia Nakai

Boity Thulo's homophobic tweets from 2010 recently resurfaced and it seems that tweeps are working overtime as they have dug through Nadia Nakai's archives and found homophobics tweets that she put out. 

Nadia Nakai's tweet from 2010

The Family Tree rapper took to social media recently to publicly apologise for the comments she made in 2010 saying: "Hai guys pulling tweets from 2010? I was childish cos I was a child!! I'm sorry if they offended you. It just further shows how people on these twitter streets don't know me and my heart."

With Nadia Nakai alluding to the fact that the tweets that the Twitter forensics had brought to her attention were irrelevant, tweeps were unimpressed with her apology and dragged her for it, saying that she was using her childlikeness as an excuse.

With there being many companies in the corporate space that monitor the social media pages of their employees, it seems that tweeps are applying the same principle on Twitter and are penalising artists for their out of line opinions that they have shared on social media.

This is proof that artists should be careful when they post things in social media. 

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