Nasty C And DJ Speedsta Fight Over Ownership Of 'Bamm Bamm'

Speedsta claims Nasty stole the song!

By  | Apr 10, 2020, 09:59 AM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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Nasty C had to fight claims that he 'stole' a song from Speedsta called Bamm  Bamm.

The popular Hip Hop DJ alleges that Nasty took his song, and claimed it was his. Nasty C has however denied those claims and said that Speedsta 'slept' on the song and did not want to release it.

During his popular Hip Hop popcast series, DJ Speedsta went into detail on how the events unfolded. Nasty shared a video where the DJ is talking to DJ Vigilante, Scoop Makhathini and Ms Cosmo, claiming that Nasty stole the song, Bamm Bamm, and released it as his own.

Nasty responded to Speedsta and reminded him that he had originally produced the beat, wrote the verse and hook of the single. He then sent it to Speedsta who did not want to add his verse. Further adding that Speedsta did not use the song and Nasty wanted it back, later releasing it on his own as a single.

In response to Nasty, the DJ contradicted himself when he said Nasty gave him the track and later took it back. " Why would you ask for it back if you didn’t give it to me?" he asked.

Nasty responded by saying; "That’s not the point, point is you acting like you gracefully gave me the song ‘coz I needed it’, when it wasn’t yours to begin with."

Speedsta decided to school the masses on how the music industry works, especially between artists and DJ's.

His responded to a Tweep who defended Nasty by saying he can take it back whenever he wanted to.

"It happens very often that upcoming artists will work on a song & give it to DJ’s to title as theirs to help spread it more. This was not the first, it’s happened many times. It still happens until today," he responded.

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