Nasty C's Album Gets Leaked Hours Before Release!

The full album was available for free downloading before he released it

By  | Aug 28, 2020, 08:54 AM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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After much anticipation over the release of his album Zulu Man With Some Power, fans were ecstatic when the date got closer and closer.

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Not only waiting to listen to the album, fans wanted to support Nasty C by consuming his album using the correct and legal channels. Their excitement got cut short after his album was leaked online by various websites.

Pirating music according to research decreases the sales by up to 42% crippling the artist and the team behind the making of the project. According to SAMRO, music piracy takes food away from industry people's tables and their hardwork goes to waste.

This has been going for a very long time in the country and many artists have voiced out their frustration over the act whilst others say they are are not affected financially by such.

Nasty C's album "ZMWSP" was made readily available for download before his initials release date August 28, angering many fans. 

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