Nasty C's twin has been found

This is hilarious

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nasty C  | Drama

Nasty C's bad haircut

It’s not easy to find a doppelganger in a world of billions of people, moreover, a doppelganger that looks like your favourite rapper -  Nasty C. 

We're sure Nasty C will be happy to find out that his somewhat older twin brother has been found. The young man who was given the nickname Nasty B on social media could pass as the rapper's sibling.

On a tweet posted by one Luyanda Bee, a picture of Nasty B has left many tweeps with a lot of questions and if Nasty C is really related to him or not. 

Even DJ Cleo joined in on the fun.

However, some of the tweeps found the picture offensive to the award-winning rapper and did not want him to be tagged on the picture. What's also hilarious is that free Twitter (which is sadly coming to an end soon) was blamed for causing this mayhem. 

Whilst others found the picture and the whole look-alike situation funny it's rumoured that people are now in search for Nasty D & Nasty E.

There is never a dull day on these Twitter streets.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@NastyC_SA