It's all about the love: Lasizwe & Natasha Thahane got something special going on

We're not sure why people are acting so surprised, they've been getting along.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Natasha Thahane  | Drama


Lasizwe confused a lot of people recently by posting a very affectionate picture of himself and actress Natasha Thahane.

In the picture, the media personality is seen being extra comfy with the beauty that is Natasha.

Being the guy that he is, Lasizwe even captioned the image "The girlfriend"

By the looks of this picture, Natasha doesn't look too thrilled about being locked inbetween Lasizwe's arms...

Lasizwe and Natasha

...but she sure looks happy here.


Now we all know that this affection all comes from a place of friendship and nothing more right?

Well, for some, Lasizwe's love and respect for Natasha as a FRIEND went right over their heads.


Not sure how some came to assume that Lasizwe is dating Natasha or trying to be straight.


Comments such as: ''I thought this guy was gay and then what's happening now?" & "Haai guys, Lasizwe is trash, jumping from one girl to another," were just a few remarks that had us believieng that Lasizwe had really confused the enemy.

The two were probably laughing at the confused ones like...


So don't get ahead of yourselves folkes, these two are nothing but besties. Mmmkay?

Lasizwe besties

Main image credit: Instagram/@Lasizwe