Natasha Thahane is ready to arrest a number of people for breaking the law

Take us to the police station where Natasha works at!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Natasha Thahane  | Drama


Imagine Natasha reading you your rights whilst being hand-cuffed by her at the same time?

Quite a rush don't you think?

While we may not celebrate Halloween as the Americans do, Natasha sure got into the Halloween spirit in this sexy police number.

Natasha arrest1

She posted these pictures with the caption "You have the right to remain silent.." and boy are we silent, alright...

Arrest 2

..silent from admiring all this hotness she's packing.

It seems like, besides school, Natasha is having one hell of a great time in New York.

We're even thinking she got a new man over there

And we still can't get over these dance moves from that Distruction Boyz track.

Ngiku December! Ngeke ngizwe nge calendar. Ngiyabonga @distruction_boyz!

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Natasha, thank you for making our morning even more special!

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Natasha_Thahane