The River's Angelina And Morena Are Outstanding

It's a battle of the baddies!

By  | Jan 31, 2021, 02:16 PM  | Nokuthula Ledwaba  | Drama

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The River’s talented actress, Nokuthula Ledwaba who plays the role of Angelina just met her match; Morena Mokoena…her step-son from Cobra’s first relationship. 

We first met Cobra’s troubled son, Morena who arrived with his mother a while ago, his mother described him as a troublemaking teenager who doesn’t listen to anyone. He’s strategic and emotionally intelligent. He walks, talks, and is the role and audiences love him. 

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Morena stole from the residents of Refilwe and almost lost his life when he was stabbed by a gang in Refilwe who wanted revenge. Though his relationship with Cobra was rough, the two have now made-up this season and they have the perfect relationship. 

Fans were thrilled to see Angelina returning this season as she’s a fan-favourite and hilarious and were even happier to see Morena returning.  The two characters are brilliant together as they have similar personalities and have similar interests. 

Current storyline:
Morena busted Angelina seeling Nyaope and threatened to expose Angelina if she didn’t make him a 50% partner in her business. Morena is a boy with a plan and  he’s money-hungry  just like his step-mother, Angelina

However the two are not good for each other and not good together because they’re both troublemakers and money-hungry! 

Here are some reactions from fans regarding the troublemakers:
“Angelina is selling nyaope…Morena went from being Nyaope addict, to being a dealer.”

“This Morena&Angelina storyline is giving me life.”
 “They both have such strong personalities.”
“Angelina Angelina! You are in for a nasty surprise morena ke step- tsotsi just like you.”
However, not everyone is pleased with the show though as fans are noticing a pattern in the storyline. Fans have also asked about Angelina’s second son with Cobra who has not been mentioned since her return.

“If the #TheRiver1Magic doesn't watch out for this common narrative they have of always spinning good news, they'll lose interest of so many viewers. “
”No one in Refilwe succeeds. Now is Rakgadi, it was just beauty, before that it was Khabzela in his new taxi, etc. “
“It's annoying.”
“Morena winning the competition, Rakgadi finding love le abuti Ntsizwa the list goes on and on. I stopped watching once and I think I am done for good this time, its a total waste of 30 mins.”
“The writers really hate township people because there's really no other explanation.”

The River plays on 1Magic (channel 103) at 8pm, Monday to Friday.

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