Nomzamo Mbatha's camp responds to car crash accusations

The official statement from Nomzamo's camp

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Nomzamo Mbatha BET Awards 2017 host

The past few weeks have been a highlight in Nomzamo Mbatha's life. In addition to enjoying an amazing work trip overseas and showcasing her talent to the world, she has also appeared on the cover of Marie Claire's Naked Issue, presented several awards at the 2017 BET Awards and snagged a hosting gig at America's Essence Festival.

She has also been receiving a lot of love for her most recent international brand endorsement but today, a certain social media post has overshadowed all the aforementioned achievements.

A man who was involved in a car accident with Nomzamo back in March sent out a very vile message to her via Facebook about the situation he is in right now because of the accident and stated that Nomzamo was at fault.

He goes by the name of Lucky Leshika and his post reads as follows:

"I just want people to know how heartless you are. You destroyed something I worked very hard for even though it is not fancy but that's what I can afford, today I'm taking taxis to go to work because of you... well congrats because you just destroyed something that I had after you tell me that I have to take a loan so that I can fix my car How heartless you are Nomzamo Mbatha.

He even posted several pictures of the accident where you can also clearly see Nomzamo's boyfriend, Maps Maponyane as well.

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The original post was published in March but re-surfaced again this week when an unknown Twitter user reposted a screenshot and some images surrounding the accident.

The tweets have since gained a lot of traction from social media users, who have since defended Nomzamo and are waiting to hear her side of the story.

ZAlebs reached out to Nomzamo's manager, who had this to say about the entire ordeal. 

"The sad reality is that people are out here to extort and it's such a sad thing because Nomzamo lost her phone that has all the evidence and communication with this guy. The accident happened by Viacom and people saw that he was at fault. Secondly, they (Lucky) rushed and left the scene, they exchanged numbers but they did not wait for the police. 

After the incident, Nomzamo then got in touch with the guy on Saturday, when she got the case number, which she sent to him and also advised him to go to the police station with it. Instead, he came back expressing that he did not have insurance, Nomzamo then explained that it was fine that he didn't have insurance as there was an investigation that needed to take place and then the insurance would deal with it afterward."


Nomzamo's camp further explained that the Audi Nomzamo was driving on the day in question was a sponsorship car and not hers. Whilst in the process of trying to get Lucky to go to the police station all Lucky reportedly kept on doing was asking for money from Nomzamo. 

Instead, Nomzamo repeatedly asked him to go to the police station in order to go through the steps needed to finalize the matter.

Nomzamo's camp further added that Lucky would disappear for a week and then come back, the last time she engaged with him he then mentioned that he would send his lawyers to deal with the situation. Nomzamo was open to taking his lawyers contacts to the insurance people who would deal with the case as she was not willing to be harassed for an incident she was not guilty of.

"We are dealing with a person who was out to extort, who was harassing, but even then Nomzamo dealt with him in a very lady-like manner. Even the insurance people tried to call him but he just doesn't go to the police station. He didn't follow up and why is she supposed to pay him? The insurance even closed the investigation because he never went to the police station. He would ask Nomzamo to lend him R1000 and then the next thing he was like 'You have to pay me I don't have a car, hire me a car. Nomzamo declined and continued to ask the guy to go to the police station so the situation could be handled in an appropriate manner." 

"There was a case, a case number, he never followed up instead all he did was to keep harassing, asking to borrow a R1000 and then demanding that she pays him every time he was told to go to the police station."

Nomzamo is said to still have the case number and is working to get her cellphone network to give her all the messages she had with Lucky as her previous phone was stolen while she was on her international trip.

We also got in contact with Lucky who had this to say:

" I was driving home from work in the afternoon with two of my colleagues, then Nomzamo drove on my car, firstly she accepted that she was wrong, but lately she telling me that she wasn't wrong and all that. Ok since I knew that I won't be able to fix my car on my own I told her that at least she can meet me half way then my car can be sorted. Well, she told me that why can't I just go and take a personal loan at Capitec Bank and fix my car. That hurts me, I know it's an old car but I was still paying it. But Nomzamo refused to pay it. I didn't have a lawyer because I can't afford it. I didn't know that she was so heartless like this."

Lucky explained that he did not go to the police station to report the incident on the day of the incident because he had to fetch his girlfriend who was sick and it was late, thus leaving the scene before the police could arrive. He mentioned that the last day he spoke to Nomzamo was on the 15th of March.

"Since she told me that I must go and take a personal loan to fix my car, that's where I realized that I won't win and she has lawyers and I don't 'cause I can't afford one."

We hope both parties will resolve the issue at hand.

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