Nonhle accuses Andile Jali for allegedly choking her

Things have spiralled out of control between the couple.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nonhle Jali  | Drama

Andile Jali's adorable family

During the week, the shocking news of Jali's arrest raised a lot of questions with regards to the state of his marriage with wife - Nonhle Jali.

Reports stated that Jali had been arrested on Monday due to a domestic violence incident that occurred at their household.

It was reported that during the altercation, Andile Jali had slashed Nonhle's tyres while she was trying to get away from him during the altercation

Andile was then charged with assault and malicious damage to property, he then filed a counter-assault charge against Nonhle stating that she had allegedly assaulted him as well, the counter-assault thus lead to a search for Nonhle by the police who had stated that should she be found, she would be arrested on the spot.

Andile Jali and Nonhle

However, Sunday World has reported that Nonhle would not be arrested due to discrepancies in Andile's statement against her.

Sunday World also reported that in Nonhle's statement she alleges that Andile Jali had choked and threatened to kill her but before her husband could cause further harm a security guard at their estate in Pretoria intervened.

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