Ntando Duma's virginity question answered

You were wondering how she could be pregnant so soon after her umemulo? Well... Ntando told DJ Fresh why

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Drama

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Ntando Duma's virginity question answered

Ntando Duma had a lot of you doing the math after she recently announced her pregnancy considering the fact that she had an umemulo ceremony a few months ago and one needs to be a virgin in order to do that. But the answer is simple...

In an interview with The Fresh Breakfast team on Metro FM, Duma revealed that she lost her virginity the day after the ceremony. 

Damn! She wasn't about to waste any time! 

Which takes us back to last year's Feather Awards where, during a red carpet interview with ZAlebs, Duma said she wanted a baby girl for Christmas... Hmmm she must have known even then that her baby was on the way. 

Fresh asked Duma if she was scared when she found out and she said that she wasn't, "really excited but nervous at the same time."

She said this was because it was just after her umemulo. "I've always wanted to start a family but I think it came too early," admitted Duma before adding that she has become quite grateful that it happened at this point in her life. 

She claims the people who questioned her virginity were being "very ignorant" as she broke her virginity the day after her umemulo. 

To which Fresh replied that that's what happens when amateurs have sex. Fresh then expressed his concern about the fact that Junior De Rocka (Sbahle's father) looks 10 years old. "Now you're gonna have two kids," said Fresh. You can listen to the Fresh Breakfast podcast here.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, that's how Ntando got pregnant so soon and she was definitely already pregnant that day she exposed her cousin's abortions on the TL

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