Biggest Family Feuds Of All Time

Celebrities who have cut off their families

By  | Feb 07, 2022, 09:19 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

Ntsiki Mazwai/Andile Mpisane
They say that no one in this world loves you like your family. And while this may be true for many, it is definitely not the case for others. Here in Mzansi, our celebrities have not been devoid of scandals and drama, and when it comes to family, it gets even messier.

We have put together a list of celebrities who do not get along with their parents and other family feuds that still rock the streets of Mzansi. Read more to find out. 

Babes Wodumo

To start us off is Babes Wodumo who not long ago got into a very heated altercation with her in-laws. At the time, it was said that Babes was struggling to promote her music as everyone else in the industry was doing much better than she was. 

So in order to stay relevant, she resorted to doing publicity stunts so that her music could sell. Fast forward, she decided to call her mother in law some unmentionable names that Mzansi is still reeling from.

And even after she was asked to apologise for what she had said to Mampinstha’s mom, she refused and said that Zama was the one to apologise and not her. It is still not clear whether this was one of her publicity stunts but clearly, she took it way too far.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Has there ever really been a time when this controversial poet is not hogging headlines for all the wrong reasons. It really beats us how many times she can possibly cause drama everywhere she goes!

Just the other day, Ntsiki took to her Twitter to announce that she had denounced her family to protect her mental health. The poet didn't even regret her decision, saying she is happy and at peace with it.

One wonders what happened leading to her cutting them off. Ntsiki is known for being blunt and direct, and she does not mince her words. The poet is constantly dragging SA celebs on social media and only a few are on her good books. But to cut off your family! 

Kelly and Zandile Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo and her sister's relationship took a hit a few years ago and has never fully recovered. Many people assumed Zandie Khumalo's divorce from her sister was merely for show, but they have never been the same since.

When asked to speak about what she feels about being estranged with her sister, the vocal highness, as she is affectionately known, mentioned that Zandie is not part of either her present past or future and that she had cut off that part of her life. 

According to her the only family she wants to focus on right now is her children and that she will do everything to make sure they are well taken care of. We can only hope that she and Zandie will patch things up soon enough.

Andile Mpisane

The Mpisane family is known to be one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Mzansi. That has of course meant that they have hogged headlines with their countless dramas. If you are like many here in Mzansi, we all know that the question that always rings in our minds is, what exactly happened to Andile’s dad right? 

Well, Andile and his dad, Sbu Mpisane do not really get along especially after he exposed Sbu of fathering other children while he was still married to MaMkhize. The same can be said about MaMkhize who one time also made posts that looked like a direct attack to Sbu. 

This is still quite the sour pill for the Mpisane family to swallow but it is good to see that they are all moving on just fine.

Tshepiso Morake

Tshepiso and his dad Lebo M have since been in an unending fight especially after Tshepiso got married. This of course has not been hidden from the public, at least not after the Lion King producer decided to blatantly reveal all the details of the feud on his reality show on Showmax.

The music legend revealed that he does not trust Ayanda (Tshepiso’s wife) and her family, and one of his reasons for this is the fact that he claims that they tried to get him to pay their outstanding electricity bill to the value of R200,000 as part of inhlawulo (damages) negotiations.

The musician claims that Ayanda's Morake family is money hungry and he often refuses to refer to Ayanda by name, calling her “that one” or  “a prostitute who was there for his family money.”

As you can already imagine this has caused a huge rift between father and son and there is no saying when Lebo M will fully accept Ayanda as his daughter in law.

Clearly, celebrity or not, family feuds will always be there and we can only hope that these celebrities find a way to mend bridges before it’s too late.

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