Lebo M Reportedly Fuming After Son Got Married

The drama never ends

By  | Jun 09, 2021, 10:38 AM  | Lebohang "Lebo M" Morake  | Relationships

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Drama seems to follow Lion King producer and award-winning composer Lebohang Morake, also known as Lebo M.

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If you've watched Lebo M - Coming Home, the Showmax reality show starring Lebo M, his now ex-wife Angela and their children, the legendary artist makes his feelings about his son's girlfriend, Ayanda, very clear.

The music legend reveals that he does not trust Ayanda and her family, and one of his reasons for this is the fact that he claims that they tried to get him to pay their outstanding electricity bill to the value of R200,000 as part of inhlawulo (damages) negotiations - this after Tshepiso (his son from exex-wife Nandi) and Ayanda became parents to their son King. The musician claims that Ayanda's Morake family is money hungry and he often refuses to refer to Ayanda by name, calling her “that one” or  “a prostitute who was there for his family money.”

This has caused a rift between the 56-year-old producer and his son, so much so that he decided to get married in secret on Monday.

Sunday World reports that Tshepiso and Ayanda tied the knot at Home Affairs and they did not invite or let the legendary musician know about it. It is reported that he learned through his other children about the wedding and he is not at all pleased.

The newlyweds, however, are too excited to have any worries right now. Ayanda told Sunday World that she is still in disbelief that she is now a wife.

“The whole time we were happy but in disbelief that something this beautiful was happening for us, especially considering everything we’d been through as a couple,” she said.

When asked about her relationship with her father-in-law, she said, “My father-in-law has not apologised for the way he has painted me to the public, nor do we think he is going to, but we’re choosing not to hold on to it. We want to enjoy this new phase of our lives. We’re still not on speaking terms with him.”

Tshepiso told the publication that he has no regrets for his decision to marry Ayanda and he supports her all the way.

The goal now, for the happy couple, is to save up enough money for the wedding of their dreams. "Hopefully, if by that time we are all in good terms, we would extend an invite to my father-in-law,” Ayanda added.

Lebo M's worries are many. Last month it was revealed that the reality TV star and his wife Angela Ngani-Casara have once again announced that they are parting ways.

In 2013, Lebo M and Angela divorced, but they eventually got back together and exchanged their vows in Egypt back in 2016 - just about a few weeks after Lebo parted ways with his then-fiancé Zoe Mthiyane. However, in 2017 it was reported that the couple was set for another divorce. Various publications had reported Angela had confirmed that Lebo ended the marriage without her knowledge. Last year, the couple decided to try again and got divorced a 3rd time this year.

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