It's Ntsiki Mazwai Vs. Tall A$$ Mo Over Lerato Moloi

But technically, it's the battle of the trends

By  | Aug 20, 2022, 08:44 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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The month of August has seen a change in direction in terms of cancel culture. Katlego Maboe proved that vindication of sexual and abuse charges can result in a warm return to the mainstream celebrity and entertainment industry. As such, another media personality that had faced sexual abuse charges which changed his life is also looking for a come back. And yes, this is Mongezi “Toll A$$ Mo” Mahlangu

The disgraced media personality and comedian faced backlash which resulted in his cancellation in 2020 following allegations resurfacing from model Lerato Moloi accusing the reality star of raping her back in 2014. Two years after the allegations were made Toll A$$ Mo returned to social media to speak of his alleged innocence. While his assertions have been polarised at best, one person who has been vocal about their stance on I Believe Lerato Moloi is Ntsiki Mazwai, which has resulted in a twar between the two polarising personalities. 

The aftermath of Lerato Moloi’s changes being acquitted

Toll A$$ Mo following the acquittal of the had released a statement asserting that he was ready to take control of his life and brand again following the acquittal of the charges laid by Lerato Moloi. First, the comedian asserted that, “... I will also be pursuing the necessary legal action against the parties responsible.”

A sentiment which many believe will have long reaching implications for those that supported Moloi, such as activists like Rosie Motene and Penny Lebyane, who were vocal over their belief of Moloi’s accusation. 
While we do not know how this aspect will play out, some people in the public still question Toll A$$ Mo’s innocence. Despite his official statement labelling Moloi as a “dishonest and unreliable witness,” members of the public have questioned if this was the case, why was the case acquitted and not dismissed. A fact which could allude to a lack of evidence rather than an indication of innocence on the accused side. Think DJ Fresh and Euphonik…

But things got interesting as Toll A$$ Mo believes he can be more vocal and visible on social media, resulting in his twar with Ntsiki Mazwai. 

It's Ntsiki Mazwai vs. Toll A$$ Mo Over Lerato Moloi

It all started when Ntsiki Mazwai took to the comments section of Musa Khawula’s post on the matter. Mazwai, who is still vocal about her belief that Lerato is telling the truth, made it clear in the comments section and in came Toll A$$ Mo asserting that they too will face legal action. 

In Mazwai suggesting that Mo takes his L like Katlego Maboe had; with humility. The comedian made it clear that he is not Maboe and he is ready to fight until he is vindicated. However, as the twar continued, it became clear that this was a fight for returning to the trends list as Moloi and her accusations only provided a playground for the two media personalities to go at each other in the early hours of the morning. Who is right in Acrimony?
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