Ntsiki Mazwai Comes For Black Coffee Over Drake Album?

Seems poet is selective when it comes celebrating to Black Excellence

By  | Jun 18, 2022, 09:28 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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What can be said about Ntsiki Mazwai and her antagonistic relationship with more prominent media personalities that has not been said before? Nothing. But it seems while the poet, activist and Twitter personality is winning in her own lane and wants kudos for that. Mazwai seems to have trouble doing the same for other ground breaking local media personalities. This is as most recently, Mamiya used her tweets to cast a dark cloud over the celebratory moment of Black Coffee producing Drake’s Honestly Nevermind.

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How has Ntsiki Mazwai been winning recently?

Ntsiki Mazwai in recent months has been winning in her own lane. A fact which was not wholly celebrated because she herself has a problem celebrating others. First she revealed that she is set to host the upcoming Kwaito and House Music Awards. Ironically, during the nomination party Mazwai photographed herself with Zola 7, a man she is always teased to have a crush on.
Another celebratory moment was the star revealing that she has started her own foundation, the Ntsiki Mazwai Foundation. Mazwai revealed the noble intention of the foundation by writing that, “The foundation that speaks for rape victims and GBV activists… Bank account details will soon be available for us to give financial muscle to those being gagged and oppressed.”
Ntsiki Mazwai comes for Black Coffee over Drake album?

Black Coffee on Friday, 17 June 2022, was the toast of South African media when Canadian-born global superstar Drake released his surprise album Honestly, Nevermind. An album which shocked the world considering that it comes nine months after he released his last 21-track studio album Certified Lover Boy in September 2021. 

While South Ah was more concerned about the fact that Drake might have released the album to impress his South African crush Uncle Waffles. 
It seems that Mazwai was spending the time trying to find ways to discredit why Black Coffee, a recent Grammy winner, does not deserve the kudos that needs to come to him for executive producing the album. An accolade which Black Coffee did not only share alone, but with other African musicians and producers. This includes his son, Esona, and acclaimed Congolese singer-songwriter and producer TRESOR. 
Mazwai seemed intent to not focus on all of these positive aspects. But decided to lean more towards spitting Black Coffee with what can be best described as her conspiracy theories. Waking up at 07:00, Mazwai chose her favourite kind of breakfast, violence, by suggesting that Black Coffee was the “Pick Me” Black person by White Monopoly Capital (WMC) who they invest in exclusively. 
Her tweet seemed to suggest that there are more “black DJs” who should have the same opportunities as Black Coffee because, according to Mazwai, he did not work hard for it, but was given by WMC. While we could be wrong, it does seem that as always Mazwai was just looking to up her interactions and engagements on Twitter. Therefore, spewing unfactual tweets which will obviously cause the Twitter streets to engage with her content was her intention. 

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