Ntsiki Mazwai Strikes Again

Will she ever get along with anyone?

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Quite the controversial queen, activist and poet that has ever graced the TL, Ntsiki Mazwai has shown us that she's one who's not afraid to speak her mind. Ntsiki is more often than not mixed up in some controversy because she always has an opinion on everything which many people do not accept. She has her ways of telling the truth without holding anything back.

Everytime Ntsiki open her mouth to say something, most of Mansi is always against. Remember when she was blamed for inciting violence during the time when South Africans were demanding for Jacob Zuma's release from jail. However, there's a few times when we've seen stand in solidarity an defending them other women like Enhle, Kelly Khumalo, Penny Lebyane and Zahara

While this diva sure has had eventful years, let us look back at a few legendary moments in the life of Ntsiki Mazwai. 

Ntsiki attacks Bonang

There's nothing new under the sun that Ntsiki does not like Bonang. For Ntsiki, the idea of 'Black Excellence' is a sham which makes it the gateway to attack successful entrepreneurs like Bonang.

For Ntsiki, she feels Bonang is only used as a front for the big brands owned by whites and that she is not the ideal face for Black Excellence. Ntsiki even claimed that she is a true entrepreneur who owns her businesses and her music.

How did Mzansi react to this?

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Ntsiki accuses DJ Zinhle of selling drugs

Giving light to social issues is what Ntsiki Mazwai does, and this time she decided to go after one of our faves DJ Zinhle. She accused her of selling drugs, but it’s not what you think.

DJ Zinhle had added a new business to her repertoire when she introduced Hair Majesty by DJ Zinhle. However, this did not please Ntsiki Mazwai as she believed that selling weaves was similar to selling drugs. By doing this, DJ Zinhle was promoting addiction among young and impressionable girls and women. 

So what triggered this an did DJ Zinhle respond?
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Ntsiki hates light skin men

True to her personality, Ntsiki Mazwai doesn't do anything half-heartedly. Therefore, it is only natural that she would have strong dating preferences and be unapologetic about them.

Ntsiki was not one to hold back as she clearly stated that she was only attracted to dark-skinned men as light-skinned men do not hold any appeal for her.

She also went on to reveal that she was in a loving relationship where they both had brought their own happiness to merge it into combined joy.

So what led Ntsiki to trash light skinned men?

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Ntsiki tears into Mohale

Ntsiki is a not a big fan of Somizi and it seems this time she also directed her jabs at Mohale. Mohale felt the wrath of Ntsiki Mazwai when she said he should stop acting bigger than his pockets.

Taking to her usual platform, Twitter, Ntsiki said Mohale should stop acting rich because he is not. She also attacked his marriage with Somizi Mhlongo saying they probably got married in community of property. She laughed at this because that would mean Mohale gets to enjoy Somaga's riches as they are shared equally.

But was Mohale bothered at all?

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ZAlebs who’ve been attacked by Ntsiki

Hair weaves are only the tip of the iceberg, considering the controversies that Ntsiki Mazwai is involved in. Ntsiki Mazwai had not seen rank, age, or gender when it comes to speaking out about what she believes in.

The list of celebrities Ntsiki Mazwai has gone after is long, but we have made it for our viewers. The likes of Somizi, Julius Malema and Bonang, have all felt the brunt of Ntsiki's not so popular opinions. However, it seems the tables might have turned as some celebrities like Boity, Euphonik and Nota have stood firm and not allowed to be bullied by Ntsiki. 

But will Ntsiki ever have anything nice to say about anyone?
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