Ntsiki Mazwai Comes To Anele's Defense

"Anele is on a higher level than Kelly Rowland"

By  | Apr 14, 2022, 01:53 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Every time Anele Mdoda trends it always has something to do with Kelly Rowland and their supposed beef. While many people just let things be and Anele sometimes mizes the beef, Ntsiki has decided to chime in and you will not believe whose side she is on.

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Anele Mdoda has gained an unlikely ally with Ntsiki Mazwai and not because Ntsiki is her biggest fan, but because Ntsiki does not condone bullying. Now, you might be wondering why Ntsiki decided to back Anele in this never ending fight, well it's because the poet has something against American celebrities being celebrated in the country.

Taking to Twitter, Ntsiki asked tweeps why do they continuously praise Kelly Rowland. A simple tweet or social media post, will land Kelly in the local trends list. And sometimes Anele as well. Ntsiki asked if Kelly gives people money to 'grovel' for her.'
But Ntsiki kept the punches coming and asked people why they worship Kelly so much over Anele, who according to her is richer than Kelly Rowland. She reckons Anele is an A-lister in the country, and Kelly is a D-lister in her country.

"Anele is the highest paid radio presenter in the country...Kelly was basically Beyoncé's back up singer. But because you grovel to Americans you will get angry."

Ntsiki rised a few eyebrows when she defended Anele, someone who would not defend her when times get tough. But Ntsiki says it's because she does not like bullying but that does not mean she is a fan of Anele as well.

"...I'm just gobsmacked by the fact that she is standing up for someone who wouldn't stand up for her. To me it really looks like groveling, groveling for someone who does see her as a colleague," said a tweep.

Ntsiki replied by saying, "I always stand up for anyone being bullied... This is not the first time I stand up for someone who would not stand up for me. Also I stand up based on integrity and what I believe in and not group project vibes."

Ntsiki did say Anele is a mean girl, "I'm not speaking highly of her. It's just facts. Just like you guys, I don't think she is a nice person. I think she is mean and arrogant. But the truth doesn't change because she is mean."

Of course the trolling continued with people saying Ntsiki is trying to gain validation from ZAlebs who do not recognise them as their own.

Being Ntsiki, she took aim at all the ZAlebs and said they are basically empty vessels, "It stresses me that you guys associate me with the slay queen and celebrity lifestyles.... It really stresses me. I'm not that person. I'm NOTHING like them. IT STRESSES ME."

Here are more of her tweets:

If you still live under a rock and do not know why Kelly and Anele are "beefing", it's because Anele said Kelly is the ugliest member of Destiny's Child.

"Kelly Rowland could lowkey be the best looking one in DC..." Sizwe wrote said but Anele disagreed with him. Anele said, "Kelly looks amazing with makeup. Take that make up off then it’s tickets. I have receipts." 

The amount of bullying she was subjected to is not one people can get over that easily. She got called names by Americans and some even said she looks like Pumba.

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