Ntsiki Mazwai: I Made Sure To Buy Beer So I Don't Get Abused

She was being abused by an older woman

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Ntsiki Mazwai's move to the rural areas was short lived after the woman she was living with emotionally and financially abused her. The poet had to turn to the people who mock, ridicule and bring her down on a daily basis for help, however the good Samaritans offered a helping hand.

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Two months ago Ntsiki Mazwai revealed that she was moving away from the concrete jungle, to a quiet and secluded farm in an undisclosed location in Mpumalanga., "From uptown girl to farm girl  STILL I RISE...My faves I am safe I am happy about my decision. Thokozani."

At the farm she was going to live with a woman who she recently revealed she's known her for about seven years.

"...very well. I used to visit for 7yrs...I had never lived with her and whenever I felt a strange energy I would just go back to Jozi. First time living with her and seeing dragons."

Her stay was short lived, because as they continued to live together she became toxic and so she decided it was time to move. The musician revealed that they had a fallout, which prompted her to leave with only her clothes as she had no money to hire a removal company for her furniture.

The older woman Ntsiki was living with was abusing drugs and alcohol and would often develop a foul tongue towards her. She revealed that she would often buy weed and alcohol to prevent her from abusing her.

"I started watching myself deteriorate into an abused woman tip toeing and always making sure I buy weed and beer so I don't get abused.... And tip toeing upstairs because the wooden floors were too loud for her. I left with the clothes on my back," she revealed. "Actually, I have a tendency of being abused by older women...... That's my toxic cycle."

Letting it all go, Ntsiki told her followers various scenarios that took place which were a build up to her final decision of leaving the toxic environment. 

"One day I was washing the FILTHY windows which hadn't been washed I'm sure in 7yrs and suddenly I was compared to a domestic worker... Like Wow. I just want my stuff back hey," she pleaded.
Ntsiki expressed great gratitude to people who came through for her, "My twitter account ALWAYS comes thru for me...I just put my pride down and ask.... And receive.... Thank you team."
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