Ntsiki Shades Leanne Manas AGAIN!

Ntsiki is clearly not a fan of Leanne's work

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai has rained on the Leanne Manas parade and Twitter folks are not pleased with the poet and singer's conduct.

Leanne is currently celebrating 15 years of inspired service on SABC 2's breakfast news show, Morning Live, and as a result, she has been trending all of Thursday morning leading into the afternoon. Tributes from her fans, peers and colleagues have filled up the timeline and the broadcaster has been overjoyed by the feedback.

Clearly concerned with how overwhelming the positive feedback has been, Ntsiki  wasted no time in stepping in with a dose of Mazwaian commentary to balance the scales. After noticing Leanne was trending for the best part of a few hours, the Show Me Love presenter shared her opinions on her broadcasting nemesis when she wrote on Twitter:

Interestingly enough, a lot of users agreed with Ntsiki's criticism of Leanne Manas' broadcasting skills. Citizen journalist, Tumelo Mapaa was just as critical of Leanne's "whiteness" and her inability to speak more than one word of South African vernacular languages.

Of course not everybody agreed with these sentiments. A large number of Twitter users described Ntsiki as "bitter" for voicing her unflattering opinions of Leanne Manas:

Ntsiki and Leanne have squared off before in the past. It began when the Moja Love star described Leanne as "Mediocre" before Leanne finally hit back with a classy but curt reply, writing on Twitter:

"Never met you - have heard about you & have seen how you hate on me for being white.
It’s ok - I’m ok with it. I’ve never commented on the numerous times you have put me down. Maybe one day we can meet & you may just like me as a person & not as a colour. Take care "

What do you think of Ntsiki Mazwai's criticism of Leanne Manas, is it fair or unwarranted?

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