Ntsiki Throws Shade At SA Men

She is not impressed by SK Khoza's actions one bit

By  | Apr 06, 2022, 04:39 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai might have been hit with multiple lawsuits for her outspokenness and her unwillingness to back down from her activists duties. But that does not mean she will stop for anybody anytime soon.

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While people shared their views about the whole SK Khoza saga and whether or not his baby mama did something to him traditionally, Ntsiki added her very own opinion to the chat, and of course she hit a nerve while doing so.

Addressing the SK Khoza situation and how his baby mama Gogo Maweni got dragged into it, Ntsiki threw shade at SA men at large. Ntsiki said the reason she does not have any kids as yet is because South African men can be a disappointment.

She said her baby daddy might run away and leave her with the kids, as we have seen with a few men.

Ntsiki never went easy on black men and she does not plan on doing so, at some point she tweeted, "Black men would rather act the fool and terrorise women than just sit in front of a therapist and talk..... It's f**ken pathetic.
We have no men."

Ntsiki then defended Gogo Maweni from trolls and said it's people making African spirituality look bad and forgetting that drugs might be the problem.

"Gogo Maweni out here exposing black people self hate...Because yes, it is their spirituality that is evil and has the ability to make people go crazy...It's not the drugs, it's African spirituality."

Ntsiki then slammed SK Khoza's alleged drug usage, "The dad is a deadbeat who is heavily on drugs and you wanna blame the mom??? What am I missing here??"

Gogo Maweni has defended herself on an interview with Gagasi FM "For those who don't know, I supported him financially and emotionally. I have never seen this side of him and I cannot comment on his behavior because there are things that I cannot speak about regarding him.

"I will be willing to assist. Sthembiso is the father of my child. I don't hate him and I don't like seeing him do all these things and to be honest I was hurt. To be honest he was one of the people who pushed me to accept my ancestral calling. I don't want to and he said you need to go through this and I will support you."

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