#Nyan'Nyan: When you cheat on your afro-comb loving boyfriend with 4 other men

Veronica and her cheating ways and that disturbing afro-comb on Thabiso's head.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Now we're not one to judge people and their love lives because at the end of the day what you do behind closed doors is your business boo. But when you hang your dirty laundry out in public to dry it automatically becomes the topic of discussion.

There's no doubt that every episode of Nyan'Nyan is bound to be filled with nothing but drama and a disastrous end to a relationship. 

All because one person could not remain faithful, which is kind of disappointing considering that we are in the month of love. 

On Tuesday night we were introduced to a woman by the name of Veronica who had come to reveal all her dirty laundry for the whole of Mzansi to see. (We're convinced that people who go to Nyan'Nyan are paid to do so.)

Veronica wanted to come clean to her boyfriend Thabiso about her unfaithful ways, which was no surprise as that's what the show is about, telling the truth to your partner.

But viewers of the show were taken aback when Veronica mentioned that she had cheated on Thabiso with four other men.


Yes, people cheat all the time, but to go on a national show like Nyan'Nyan to admit that you've been cheating on your partner with four other people is really brave. We can only wonder how Veronica plucked up the courage to tell the truth.

We were nervous for her, especially when Thabiso began cracking his knuckles and what was up with the afro-comb in his hair, isn't that an outdated trend now?

Whilst some of us were surprised that Veronica has been cheating on Thabiso with four men, for some reason she managed to make some ladies feel bad that they don't even have a man.

Sorry, but we honestly couldn't get over the afro-comb tweets as well.

But regardless of Veronica telling Thabiso the truth, Thabiso actually forgave her so we guess everything ended well, but for some reason, people think Thabiso was going to physically assault Veronica for her confession.

We seriously hope that won't be the case, domestic violence has never resolved  relationship anything.

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