Omuhle Gela Hacked By Someone In Her Inner Circle

It be the ones closest to you.

By  | Apr 27, 2020, 04:54 PM  | Omuhle Makaziwe Gela  | Drama

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Actress Omuhle Gela has released a statement informing her fans and followers that she has been a victim of a cyber attack on her social media pages.

Omuhle in her lengthy post detailed how someone in her inner circle who had access to her personal information, passwords, and devices due to their personal work relationship.

The star shared how the person after being "unhappy with a little hiccup" decided to access her social media platforms.

Omuhle explained that the person; "Texted a few people, Direct Messaged people on MY personal accounts and other fake accounts opened using one of my personal email addresses and some using my devices she had access to cause of WORK, went as far as using personal information they knew about me to cause a stir, asked one person for money and offended a few people."

The actress said that her legal and management team have investigated the matter and have identified the person responsible for the cyber attack and are going to institute legal proceedings against the culprit.

"My twitter account has been retrieved and I no longer use the email address that was hacked. One of the fake accounts were linked to my device and the culprits device too. I’m working on changing my passwords, [sic]" said Omuhle in her statement.
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