Only Queen B Can Wake Up Trending

Bonang, like rest of the world, woke up to her name trending just because she is Queen B*.

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 01:07 AM  | Drama

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Bonang Matheba woke up on Sunday, 10 May 2020, and realised that she was trending on Twitter with the hashtag #CongratulationsBonang. The former Being Bonang reality star replied to her name trending with a subtle tweet of eyes trying to find out why she was trending and being congratulated on Twitter. The leader of the B* Force hasn't announced anything recently, and according to her latest television interview has been quarantining and planning her next big moves quietly at home.
But Bonang is not the only one confused to why we have to congratulate her, so is the rest of social media except AM Twitter.

By the time the world wakes up, trends like #CongratulationsBonang are top of the list and it is up to other social media users to either join the trend or look they are out of touch.

Image credit: Twitter @Andile_Langa
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