#OPW: Roderick and his soccer age

When #OPW revealed the groom's age, social media lost its mind.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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We've seen many people on #OPW lie about their age, but Roderick takes the cake.

It really is unfortunate when your age overshadows your special day for the rest of Mzansi.

On Sunday evening, we were introduced to Rustenburg couple, Keke (22) and Roderick (33).

According to their love story, the two initially met at a tavern when Roderick laid his eyes on a young Keke, who was enjoying a bottle of Hansa.

And by the looks of this tweet, Hansa might just supply Keke and Roderick with a lifetime supply of their product.

However, it was not how they met or how he proposed that had social media buzzing on Sunday night. It was Roderick's age that had us pulling all kinds of suspicious looks.

Every time Roderick appeared on TV, we were like....


How can this man...


Be 33 years old?Β 

Hopefully, Our Perfect Wedding will make a public announcement and confirm that it was a technical error and that Roderick is definitely not in his early thirties.

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Even Twitter could not let go of his soccer age.

And some people were just such savages about Roderick's age.


Hmm... the Minister had a point here. Roderick's suit game was not that of a man in his 30s? Not only was the suit way too big for him, but the length of his pants just exposed the man for not being a young lad.

His entire wedding attire was a mess. The white and orange combination was an absolute no-no!

That blinding orange waistcoat with the atrocious drooping collar gave us chest pains.

And of course, social media had to whip out the damning comparison memes.


But if there's one thing we appreciated about this wedding it was the amount of support Roderick and Keke's family showed to the couple, from organising the cake to almost the entire ceremony, this episode was a true reflection of what family unity means.

Congratulations to Roderick and Keke, but please guys let's be honest with our age, there's nothing wrong with getting old, after all it does come with wisdom.