Be warned! Papa Penny Has Been Hacked

Papa Penny Warns Of Scammers

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Papa Penny  | Drama

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Uh Oh! We might have left a lot of things behind in 2019 but some really annoying things made their way to 2020. Celebrity scammers are some of those annoying "things" and this week Papa Penny became the latest casualty.

Guys, for real, if someone messages you claiming to be Papa Penny and saying that he needs your help financially because he has gone broke - DO NOT BELIEVE THAT PERSON. Not only is it the oldest line in the book but, because people love Papa Penny, they are genuinely willing to help their fave and you might find yourself in the same position.

Taking a moment to warn his fans, the loveable Papa Penny made exactly this point when he said,  “It’s very sad. Some people have paid because they love Papa Penny. But how can Papa Penny ask for money? People mustn’t fall for this scam. It’s not me!”

He explained to the public how the scam has been going down:

“Since Monday, I’ve been getting calls every day from people asking me why I was arrested. The scammers have been telling people I’ve been arrested and I need money for bail. They ask for amounts ranging from R3 500 to R4 500."

It seems the scheme is taking a different shape on every social network:

“On Facebook, they tell people I’m hosting a heritage show next month and they should pay R4 500 to be part of it. They also ask for money on my Instagram. I’m not doing a show and I’m not arrested.”

Have you ever been scammed by a celebrity? Tell us what went down and how you got out of that sticky situation right now!

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