Papa Penny: I Am Not A Rich Man!

He is unbothered by the hate

By  | Jun 20, 2020, 12:12 PM  | Papa Penny  | Drama

Papa Penny has come out guns-blazing to set the records straight that, he is not rich. This follows after on the latest episode of his hit reality show Papa Penny Ahee, the musician booked himself a business class flight, whilst his wife and daughter flew with an economy flight.

Avid watchers of the show labeled him as a toxic husband, who is slightly abusive towards his wife.

Speaking to Daily Sun the reality show star made it clear that he is not rich, and if this is an issue to some people, then they must give him money to book expensive flights next time.

"People must mind their own business. I'm not a rich man. Why do people expect me to buy business class tickets for everyone? People like complaining", he told Daily Sun.

He said he paid for 60 people for the trip, including his family, and they did not even complain.

"The trip wasn't cheap. I paid for 60 people, including my family and the crew. All this came from my pocket. My family don't mind and they don't complain."

"If this is such an issue for them, then they should give me money" he said.

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Picture credit: Twitter