Listen to the parody Pastor Zondo song here

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Pastor Zondo  | Drama

There's a point and time in a sombre situation where you just have to make light of it all, laugh it off and move along. It’s been almost a week since the Pastor Zondo nude video hit the internet and even though Pastor Zondo may still be embarrassed and infuriated by this entire debacle, we think the number of parodies that have been released about him should at least crack a smile on his face. A Pastor Zondo parody video has been made and now we’ve been informed that a parody Pastor Zondo single titled Do you want my Zondo? has hit the streets too.

The single, which was created by the folks at campus radio station, VoWFM 90.5 was released this past week.The team sampled late kwaito artist, Zombo's, 90’s hit single self-titled Zombo and created this Zondo song.

“Do you want my Zondo baby…Zondoooo…Do you want my Zondo baby, Zondoo”

You know what, just stop reading this and hear it here.

Shout out to the VoWFM team, we definitely didn't see this coming, within hours of its release the song reached 4000 plays, clearly it's become a hit with the masses. Like we said, Pastor Zondo, let's just laugh about it and try and act like nothing happened.