Pastor Zondo: Questions that need answers

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Pastor Zondo  | Drama

By now, most of South Africa - if not the world, has seen the infamous video featuring a naked Pastor Zondo, but so many questions remain...

Is that really Pastor Zondo

How do we know for sure that the naked man in the video is actually Pastor Zondo? There has been no confirmation as yet, while nobody has taken responsibility for leaking the video. Are we just speculating that the man is Zondo in order to create a scandal?

Where is Pastor Zondo?

Let's believe the hype and say that the man is Zondo. Question is - where is he walking around with it all hanging out? If that is his own living room - why the hell should we care about it? Surely the privacy of his own home overrides any scandal that South Africa wants to create from this?

Whose feet are those?

Speculation suggests that the woman in the video is Zondo's mistress, while others say it is his wife. Do we actually know if Zondo is married? Maybe he is comfortable walking around his friends in the nude? Again, the speculation makes the situation a whole lot worse than it quite possibly is.

Is the fruit on the coffee table real?

A bowl of what appears to be oranges can be seen in the video. Is the fruit real, or purely for decoration? If it is real, is it fresh enough to eat. The naked man needs sustenance, so let's hope he ate well that day. Rumours are that Zondo is actually on a fast - so did he cheat eat?

Which cell phone provider does Zondo use?

Is Zondo struggling for cellphone reception, leading him to stroll around the house and past the camera? Maybe Zondo prefers to simply walk around while talking? So many questions, so little information!

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