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#BehindTheStory with Pearl Thusi 

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Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi is without a doubt one of the most sought-after powerhouses in Mzanzi. She is known for being a highly opinionated and talented media personality and that’s why it came as no surprise when MTV Base South Africa announced that she would be hosting the third season of the 'Behind The Story' series.

The return of their highly anticipated series started off on a great note by bagging almost 120,000 viewers with just two episodes. We sat down with the host to catch up and talk about her plans for the third season.

“I’m honoured to be able to give people a platform where they can or choose to rectify or clarify whatever it might be…where they know their words can never be twisted once it comes out…I love that on the show I can answer the question candidly...”

Pearl Thusi says that in this season, fans can anticipate “candidness, honesty, genuine questions being asked” and overall a very entertaining show.

“People are gonna learn about their celebrities and how we actually feel about a lot of things, it’s not about spice and tea, it’s about clarification and personalities having their own voice...you’re gonna get to know a wholesome part of everyone, not just stuff in the papers...not just one thing, it’s a holistic view and understanding of each personality, so I think everyone will be served in what they are interested in knowing…”

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Pearl Thusi went on to add that she drew inspiration from some of the most talented personalities that she feels have impacted the industry in an amazing way.

“I don’t think there are a lot of shows like ours, apart from Zaziwa, one of my inspirations to how I handled the show…Pearl Modiadie,  for the softness, yet the directness, she’s gentle about it but there’s also a whole lot of research and a whole lot of wanting to know about your heart… Anele [Mododa] for her intense amount of research she puts in, and the intense amount of authority...Ellen DeGeneres, for how she candidly asked the questions but you don’t feel uncomfortable…”

With the third season of Behind The Story being primed to take viewers on a journey behind the glamour to highlight the stories and struggles behind the success of South Africa’s favourite celebrities, we got a chance to put the personality in the hot seat.

1. The biggest misconception about Pearl Thusi:

“The idea that I am extremely bothered by beef and scandals that have to do with me...I just speak my mind and it doesn’t mean that there’s a heavy amount of emotion involved, I forget that I’m bracketed with a certain amount of people…”

2. On Bonang not taking a picture of her with Pharrell:

“For me thats' something that's like, it doesn’t make a difference...and also for me, the way the story has been told is so inaccurate...I was a subject of a picture that was supposed to be taken that never got taken...I couldn’t be bothered, I shot a whole commercial with Pharrell, who cares about the picture…”

3. Tweeps on social media have been implying that her friendship with DJ Zinhle was based on having a common enemy, this is what she had to say:

“I don't have to justify anything about my friendship with Zinhle, I think the level of a bond we have could not possibly be glued by frivolous, stupid things like that...I guess you’ll find out in 10-years also. We have children, we’ve shared a home...we have an episode together on the show that’s gonna clarify that.”

From the 26th of June, catch Behind the story on MTV Base, channel 322 every Tuesday at 21h30.

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