Pearl Accused Of Being Racist Towards Indians

She threatens to take legal action

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Pearl Thusi's problems with Twitter never end. The love-hate relationship has reached a point where Tweeps drag Pearl Thusi unprovoked even when she has not said anything out of the ordinary.

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Mama Panther has been accused of being racist towards Indians and also of spreading hatred towards the ethnic group. This after the #PhoenixMassacre where it was alleged that Indians went on a killing spree targeting black people who entered their area. This was during the looting and unrest which plagued KZN and Gauteng.

Yesterday, a tweep who is supposedly Indian judging by the profile picture, commented on Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra's Twitter video. Yesh P said Pearl is spewing hatred towards Indians and should be stopped because she has a large following.

"Please please help us in South Africa ! Your friend Pearl thusi  is spreading hatred towards Indians in south’s Africa! Get her to stop , she has a 2M following and is spreading hatred, without understanding the truth. We live in Phoenix and know fear! Someone needs to stop her," @YeshP wrote.

Pearl defended herself by asking her followers to reveal the Tweet where she had said such a thing. Otherwise, she threatened to take the user to court. "Guys. Point me in the direction of when I spread hatred towards Indians? If you cannot find it, then I’d like to point my lawyer in the direction of the point where I take you to court."

After retweeting tweets defending Mac G after he made homophobic and transphobic comments on his podcast, Pearl got dragged for it.

The tweep who exposed her wrote, "Hi @PearlThusi is there any specific reason you're liking and Retweeting tweets defending MacG's transphobic and homophobic content? As someone who should be aware that she has a large queer audience and followers, I'd just like to know where you stand on this topic."

The tweep continued by saying, "I'm not surprised by the silence because Pearl Thusi knows exactly what she's doing and where she stands. But she'll be at the next Feather Awards in an ugly dress ready to get another award for her ally ship."

She did not take the hate lightly but she took to Instagram and said she would not stop, not even for Tweeps. “These people waste their time and energy dragging me and I wasn’t even there to feel the pain I was meant to feel. Bazobaright shame (they will be alright shame),” she said.

Recently, she got called out for her supporting a national party even though it still does not help the youth. She said she had to put food on the table hence her support for the national party. Pearl asked Tweeps what has the government gotten right besides corruption, The answer was not what she had hoped.

Notice what I did with my arms. That wasn’t an accident. That wasn’t an accident. I really needed that rent money.  Hence I said actively promoting any party. But if I knew then what I know now…regrettably, I also did a DA gig that year.” 

The hate did not get to her though, ” I promise to never sell the country. You guys are the best. Since y’all are such great archives and investigators, please help me find a scammer who scammed me a month ago - DM me for details!”

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