DJ Zinhle And Others Defend Uncle Waffles

Here's what Waffles has to say for herself

By  | Nov 04, 2021, 07:27 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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Uncle Waffles slander has gotten out of hand and a few celebrities are defending her. These celebrities are saying back off Uncle Waffles as no slander will be tolerated.

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Internet sensation Uncle Waffles was left scarred after having to deal with trolls who questioned her management team. The hate did not start there as people trolled her for doing the same dance moves, playing the same song and not even spinning the decks but only dancing.

She had gone to Instagram live and addressed the issue of bullies and said she will no longer handle her social media, especially Twitter. But after yesterday's Roast Of Uncle Waffles, she made a come back and defended her team.

There were several videos of Uncle Waffles being surrounded by older men who touched her anyhow. At Riky Rick's Remy Martin Team Up Dinner with Riky Rick, Waffles was surrounded by men only and she was wearing a silky black short dress. There were other videos of these men fiddling her including one of the Major League twins.

Many interpreted her body language and her awkward smile as someone who is not comfortable at all.

A space was even opened where actress Asavela Mngqithi said she needs to be surrounded by older and inspirational female DJ 's who will show her the ropes.

"She does not understand what happens in the industry so we are saying she needs women to surround her," she said, adding that people often tell newbies like Uncle Waffles to not say anything because they are new in the industry.

DJ Zinhle dropped some pearls of wisdom for not only Waffles but other upcoming female DJs and said "Female DJs, perfect your art… don’t give them a reason to disrespect your work. Practice makes perfect. With that said, wear whatever you wanna wear & dance if it’s your thing… They are talking because you’re shaking the industry. It’s our time!"

Pearl Thusi who has declared herself a fan said no Uncle Waffles bullying will be tolerated. "I’ll fight for uncle waffles. Life fight fight. So can y’all please not create a problem."

Defending herself, Waffles said her team has never ever made her feel uncomfortable. In fact, she sees them as her family who has held her down when nobody else could.

"I’d just like to say, my team is the biggest blessing in my life when it comes to my career. They go above and beyond for me, the narrative that’s being shared is so disheartening. They have never made me feel uncomfortable or treated me inappropriately.

"Neither has anyone else that’s come into my life, everyone has respected and actually showed me an incredible amount of love. Coming here and having to explain how people who have completely dedicated their lives to helping me grow, guide me, show me love, encourage me, and actually carry me thru all the turmoil of a “blow up” really sucks because of how it’s made them feel" she said.

Uncle Waffles says her moment to shine is being take away from her, "Everything being posted is being twisted and taken out of context, KK and everyone is my family. My moment is being striped away because now people in my life who helped me and believed in me before a lot of people are becoming affected. Even making the decision a few days ago to no longer handle my social media Bc I was becoming overwhelmed and hyper focusing on the hate."

She says she appreciates the love she is getting from people, "I appreciate all the love above all else, I needed to clarify this. Those are my people who are part of my everyday and have really held me down. Let’s not touch that part. Even typing this with the feeling that it will still be altered sucks as well, genuinely my people love me."

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