Tweeps are 'Bored' Of Uncle Waffles Already

This Uncle Waffles slander is too much

By  | Nov 02, 2021, 01:15 PM  | Drama

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Uncle Waffles' majestic rise to fame is being met with a lot of hate from tweeps who want her to decide if she is a DJ, dancer or an Adiwele influencer. Social media users want her to stop trying to recreate that moment which landed her on Drake's following list on Instagram, and show off her other skills - which we are most certain that she has.

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There has been some hilarious tweets from trolls who are expressing how tired they are of seeing the same thing from Uncle Waffles, real name Lungelihle Zwane. Since that video of her on set vibing to Adiwele went viral, every other video of her on the DJ booth is her dancing to Adiwele by Young Stunna and Kabza De Small.

Here are some of the hilarious reactions.

Since the 21-year-olds impressive rise to fame, Uncle Waffles has expressed gratitude every chance she gets. It's as almost as though all of this is surreal and she is dreaming.

Just recently she got booked at Rands, in Cape Town and enjoyed her time there. In a few days she will be making her way to international borders as she will be playing in Ghana.

Speaking of the hate she has been receiving, Uncle Waffles said it is the people that she plays for who ask her to re-create that very moment, and she enjoys it very much. "People really love when I recreate the Adiwele moment, their reaction is always so...I get so much love, damn...Y’all see the 27 second video and think piece an hour set. People literally pick that moment because they love it too."

She also says she has accepted the negativity but will not pay any mind to it, "Accepting that they’ll always be negativity was very hard initially but hey, God is actually too good to fixate on that."

Speaking to Drum, Uncle Waffles said it took her a year to gain the confidence to take bookings, "I worked with a lot of creatives, including DJs, in my daily life. When they’d be around, I’d ask to try mixing and I definitely sucked. This changed when a DJ called Stunner actually started teaching me. We’d spend hours on end trying to work on my mixing. After 3 months, he stopped teaching me and insisted that all I needed to do was practice, so I did.

"Day in and day out during lockdown I’d go to a studio and practice. I would record my mixes to listen to my mistakes and work to improve on those. It took almost a year for me to gain enough confidence to take bookings."

On social media, interacting with her fans, Uncle Waffles said se left her home country Swaziland to look for better opportunities. Club promoters would not want to book her but now she is one of the most loved female DJs. “I went from coming to South Africa and asking all the promoters in clubs for just 5 minutes of playing and being rejected, to being booked until next year. God’s grace has been unexplainable, everything has changed.”

Her enchanting beauty and banging body is enough to make her an eye candy but she does not love her body, especially her boobs.

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