Pearl Thusi on the help Terry & Basetsana gave her when she was in desperate need

For the first time ever, Pearl shares how Terry Pheto & Basetsana helped her when she had nothing much to work with.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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The amazing stories we never get to hear about the famous people we know. Pearl Thusi lets us in on the great helping hand, Terry and Basetsana have been to her.

You've probably heard the saying 'no man is an island'. This proves to be very true in Pearl Thusi's life. 

The actress, who's got a blooming TV career in the USA, has received help from several people along her journey to success. 

In a recent interview on Trending SA, the Quantico star dropped three people's names - Terry Pheto, Basetsana Kumalo and Thabo Rametsi - and they've all played a vital role in her life, at different stages. 

Speaking about Terry, she said: Terry gave me clothes. I don't think I've ever said this publicly." 

She said when she started doing RGB, there was a stylist but he couldn't give her enough clothes. "Terry was like a big sister to me, and she gave me like a whole lot of like clothes that I was then able to attend events comfortably with the clothes that she had given me."  

Another person is Basetsana Kumalo, who gave her her first laptop. She explained: "When I couldn't bury my grandmother, she booked me and my daughter a flight to KwaZulu-Natal and hired us a car because I didn't have anybody to help me out at the time 'cause I was usually helping out my family members..."  

Pearl added: "I wanna say these things because I don't want people to ever think that we just get here, or there aren't people who are influential who help you, and people who don't talk about it... I'll never forget things like that, no matter what anybody does, no matter what fault they commit I will never forget what you initially did for me when I could do nothing for you in return." 

She also mentioned her Kalushi co-star, Thabo Rametsi, and explained that she wouldn't have Quantico without him and her manager.  

She said on the show: "I think I auditioned, I sent three tapes at different times because I was like 'if I don't get this I'm becoming a housewife, I'm giving up, I can't. Because how can I mess this up when they've asked me to audition?'"

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She revealed that Thabo is always the first person she calls when she needs to self-tape. "Where you basically you self-tape, you send it to the States through your agent to send it to the casting director. He's always the first person I call, and it doesn't matter how many times I call him he always comes. 

"And when we did Quantico, we spent hours doing the same thing until I just couldn't do it anymore. And he was like 'this is it. This is the shot. You've got it, send it, I'm not doing another one... I hold him so dear to my heart. I've learned so much from him - off set and on set as well," Pearl said.  


Pearl Thusi re-told the story at her 30th birthday party. Take a look:

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