Pearl Thusi In Hot Waters Again Following Tweet About The Grammys

Was she throwing shade at Black Coffee?

By  | Apr 06, 2022, 08:21 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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It is no longer a surprise that Pearl Thusi is not a fan favorite on the South African Twitter streets. The actor and media personality is always catching the heat on Social Media because of her spicy opinions and the guts to say whatever she feels like saying at any time.

This time, Pearl finds herself in hot water following an opinion she made after the Grammy awards and although she didn’t mention any other names, Tweeps are speculating that she might be throwing shade at South African DJ and Grammy award winner, Black Coffee.

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Sithembile Xola Thusi, known to many as Pearl Thusi took to Twitter her outrage about the Grammy awards not awarding Afrobeats star and her favorite artist Wizkid an award. In the tweet, Pearl exclaimed, “Wiz not winning a Grammy is just another reason I kinda don’t take the Grammy’s too seriously.” She continued, “It’s a celebratory/fun show with cool statues. African artists have proved they don’t need them but they’re a nice to have.” The 33-year-old closed off by saying, “But also, I could be wrong, that’s just me… I could be wrong”
Of course, Twitter chose to agree with the last part of her tweet. Most popular Twitter influencers flocked under Thusi’s replies with loaded opinions about the presenter and her pessimism. A lot of them felt that Pearl Thusi was taking a subliminal shot at Black Coffee who won his first Grammy this past weekend in Las Vegas.

One most-followed account (Jan Van Potgieter) didn’t beat around the bush. In a tweet replying to Pearl, he shared, “Black Coffee wins the highest honor in Music, and all of a sudden you have something to say about the Grammys.” 

The user continued saying that Pearl Thusi’s tweet departs from a point of jealousy and added that Pearl will never win any accolade of that high status in acting as he referenced the Oscars. He closed off by informing Pearl that the Grammy did not care about her input.

Another popular user, @ LeratoN_ took a jab at Pearl saying that he’d stopped taking Netflix seriously as well after they had given Pearl multiple opportunities to star in some of their Netflix originals including Queen Sono and Fistful Vengeance. He claimed that Pearl only made cast to Netflix shows because she is light-skinned and not because of her talent and, furthermore, mentioned that good actors such as Thuso Mbedu have proven that it’s the talent that gets them places.

Other users online did not feel like Pearl was coming for Black Coffee’s win. Many mentioned that Pearl is often misunderstood and that her tweets are always misinterpreted so that she could be made the villain everyone wants her to be.

A user defended Thusi from a drag saying, “The fact that you are missing the simple point [Pearl] was trying to make by dragging Black Coffee into this makes me question your reasoning capacity.”

Another User in Pearl’s defense said, “Surely Pearl is happy for Black Coffee’s Grammy achievement. You all just want to make her seem like a bad person.” The user continued to justify Pearl’s tweet, “We all know how Essence by WIzkid was a hit worldwide and deserves its recognition for that. In simple terms, that’s what she’s saying and it’s true.”

Pearl Thusi has since replied to a Tweet from an influencer (ChrisExcel) saying that she is in fact happy for Black Coffee and that she’s noticed the “insane” work the artist has put out. She further mentioned that as a South African, she is both happy for Black Coffee’s win and disappointed that Wizkid did not, claiming that both these emotions are justifiable.
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