Rouge Applauds Pearl Thusi For Defending Foreign Nationals

The rapper was told to stay in her lane

By  | Jun 21, 2020, 04:01 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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Pearl Thusi has acknowledged without apathy that she is probably social media's least favourite right now and it is because of her stance on Xenophobia in South Africa.

The Queen Sono star faced major backlash from social media for defending foreigners living in South Africa who are targeted and some become victims of xenophobia.

The actress has advocated for one love, saying she will never support the killing of foreign nationals no matter what.

She has seen hashtags calling for her to fall however her opinions never changed.

Rouge rapper is probably one of the few ZAlebs, if not only, to defend Pearl. She applauded her for speaking up when no one else had the courage to do so. As a Congolese decent, this topic hits home and she has stated that she is sad about the lack of attention this topic has been receiving.

"Pearl Thusi is speaking and has beeeeen speaking so much truth when it comes to Xenophobia in South-Africa. People don’t wanna address it or acknowledge it but this is such a real problem in South Africa," she said.

She however, faced backlash from people who told her to stick to rapping and delivering bars instead of talking about problems that are "bigger than her."

Rouge was told to return to Congo and put them first but she was offended by that and responded by saying she is South African.

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