Penny Lebyane: I Was Ambushed

She denies being the author of the post that named Fresh a rapist

By  | Jul 24, 2020, 11:38 AM  | Penny Lebyane  | Drama

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The radio personality denies being the author of the post that was re-posted by Ntsiki Mazwai, claiming that DJ Fresh is a rapist.

She also requests proof of a restraining order that Fresh claims to have against Penny from 19 years back after their break up.

Fresh had stated in legal documents, "In so far as Penny Lebyane, the author of the original post is concerned," claims to which Penny had involved her legal team to clear her name.

"My lawyers have served Mr Sikwane’s lawyers with a letter requesting proof that I am the originator of the post that Miss Ntsiki Mazwai is being taken to court based on and where and when was a restraining order served to me 19 years ago.

"We sent the letter of request to DJ Fresh’s team and we gave them a deadline for them to respond. They responded and are requesting an extension. I am declining this on the grounds that they filled this affidavit a while back and they are aware that this matter would appear (before a judge). I was ambushed by a newspaper with a violent headline which sent shock waves though my family," she said.

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