Phelo Bala Talks Hardships He Faced When He Came Out

Phelo was tired of living a lie

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Phelo Bala  | Drama

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Musician Phelo Bala has spoken out on how the reception was from people when he first came out as a gay man.

The former Joyous celebration memeber laid out the hardships he faced when he first came out ; which included dealing with people's opinions and criticism. The singer was not prepared to live a lie and be boxed to fit a certain criteria that's acceptable to society and so he took the decision to come out.

Phelo is engaged to Moshe Ndiki and is living his best life. The price of him coming out was the backlash and criticism he faced; especially in a country that is largely homophobic. But for him, the most extreme was losing his business because he did not fit the 'acceptable' and heterosexual criteria.

In his Instagram post he says that he realised that in order for him to grow mentally and emotionally,  he had to stop living a lie. "Life is hard enough as it for me to imprison myself and hide who I really am," he wrote.
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Phelo is a proud member of the LGBTQI community and is pretty much very vocal and is not afraid to hide his love life from people.
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Earlier this year, on his 28th birthday, his brother Loyiso Bala wrote a not-so-touching message to him on social media. He wrote; "Blessed to have spent some quality time with my brother Phelo Bala the past few weeks. As I said to him, 'I’m in no position to judge u but to love you and to always point you to Christ. Your relationship with him will define your life’s purpose.”

Many people saw his message as being judgmental and questioned whether he has accepted his brother's sexuality or not.

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Moshe & Phelo Are Stronger Than Ever!

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