Phil Mphela Gutted Over Passing Of Ex-Boyfriend

"I am guttered. I’m a mess."

By  | Oct 06, 2020, 07:38 AM  | Phil Mphela  | Drama

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Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, is still coming to terms with the sudden passing of his ex-boyfriend, who passed on recently.

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Phil's ex-boyfriend's passing follows the death of his friend TV presenter Teddy Sibiya, who also passed on recently. Announcing the death of his ex- Phil expressed how heartbroken he is, "I am guttered. I’m a mess. I don’t know what to do. My ex just passed today. Every phonecall now is death."

Phil shared a snap of them from an event they recently attended donned in matching jersey's, and apologized to Blue Mbombo for sharing the picture with her stating that he did not have other pictures.

Messages of condolences have flooded his social media. PeaceMaker wrote, "I remember him @PhilMphela we once attended an even with you, dstv even in soweto it was him and your self and Yaya askies hle Phil mxm ... sending love, prayers and peace"

The TV host appreciated all the messages of condolences.

"Thank you guys for the messages. I’m ok. The initial shock & hurt has subsided. But, I’m good. Like I wrote earlier, I have surrendered. It’s part of life. I’m getting off twitter for tonight. Just gonna chill with my friends & have a drink to celebrate a life."

Phil is  one of the country's most famous entertainment commentators. He won the hearts of many when he was a commentator on The Real Talk .

Taking to Twitter he recently thanked the production and Anele Mdoda for changing his life completely "That gig was huge for me and my confidence. I never would have pitched TMI to MojaLove the way I did it had I not done this show. The show also introduced me to TV and live TV. I learned my tv ropes by doing live tv. I’m grateful for that." He said.

Phil was involved in a twar with Bonang Matheba a few year back. This follows after Phil weighed in his two cents in Bonang’s response to the tax-fraud allegations published by the famous tabloid Sunday World.

This follows after Bonang’s representatives revealed that they will be considering legal actions and Phil commented “My thoughts: Moghel should’ve just let this go. It’s tabloid and responding & suing only gives the story traction," he wrote.

"Furthermore, I don’t think it’s wise for her to be waging a war with journos. Her influence is waning and she needs positive coverage to stay at the top.”

After Bonang caught wind of his response he fired some shots. The two had a heated exchange and Phil threatened to revealed what happened in Sun City in 2012. His tweet seemingly silenced Queen B as she did not reply and even to date we are still wondering what went down in Sun City.

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