Prince Kaybee Admits To Being Scared Of The Future After Split From Record Label

"I’m very scared and confused."

By  | Apr 16, 2023, 07:14 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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For 8 years, Prince Kaybee was signed to Universal Music and has produced hits after hits. His recent announcement sees him celebrating that he is finally free as he parted ways with Universal.

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In a video clip he shared on Twitter, Kaybee shared how nervous he is as he does not know what the future holds for him career wise.

“As you all know, I’ve just been released not so long ago from a contract that I’ve had for eight years. I’ve been a label baby for eight years. I’ve got no background of any independence, so with that fact, my propensity after being released from Universal is that I’m very scared, I’m very confused in what I need to do moving forward,” Kaybee started off.

He then clarified that there is no bad blood between him and the label.

“It’s something that I’m playing by ear, something that I’m looking at from all different angles. It has required me to apply myself in trying to understand what, right now, there is for me in this time in my life. And there is music, there is a lot of music. I’ve been posting snippets of the growth that I’ve experienced and there’s nothing really that is bad going on between me and Universal right now. It was just for them to let me go."

The statement he shared from Universal reads as follows:

He posted a Universal Music statement on his socials: “The parties have agreed to mutually terminate the agreement with effect from April 3 2023 and UM releases you from the delivery of any further recordings in terms of the agreement. UM shall continue to commercially exploit the recordings, account and make payment (if due) to you in terms of the agreement. We thank you for the opportunity of working with us and we wish you every success in the future."

Kaybee recently opened up to his fans about how he feels as though there is nothing for him in the country music wise.

“In South Africa its sad, today they love you tomorrow they hate you. There’s nothing for me here. And I share these thoughts with a heavy heart, you can’t teach South Africans new music, all they want is familiarity and an artist can’t keep making same music all the time,” he tweeted.

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