Is Prince Kaybee A 'One Trick Pony' When It Comes To Marketing His Music?

Evidently, the music producer and DJ is not the fan of the TikTok trends

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Music Producer and DJ Prince Kaybee may have earned himself some new respect following his stance on marketing his music. Whilst scores of artists are moving with trends to promote their work, Prince Kaybee remains gravitated to the more traditional ways of marketing.

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While the world at large is moving with the times of fourth industrial revolution and technology. So, as artists, musicians and DJ's have adapted to the new ways of promoting and marketing their music for greater reception these days. However, for Prince Kaybee, his ways remain pretty much traditional and authentic to his talent.

"I’m so toxic I’d rather let my career end than use external things to promote it, like Im really gnna die with this cross of letting the music promote itself. I might raise awareness that music is out with a few influencers but thats about it." wrote Prince Kaybee
Not that Prince Kaybee is a one trick pony when it comes to marketing and promoting his new and upcoming news. However, he believe that his talent, creativity and the thought process that gets invested when he makes music, should be the only selling point.

"Not taking away how the musical landscape has changed that there needs to be theatrics around a release for trends, thats well and good but I feel that way is more about the theatre of trends than the music, thats just my opinion." wrote Prince Kaybee
Evidently, Prince Kaybee is not a big fan of using TikTok to promote and market his music. Although he admitted to using influencers every now and again but he would rather gravitate towards the basics then to move with trends, that ends up taking away the music and artistry from artists.

"And I don’t wanna lie, it is heartbreaking to release music and not get impact, but I understand you are not going to connect everytime so to answer the question “why don’t you promote your music on tiktok”…, well I dont feel I’m that kind of an artist." wrote Prince Kaybee
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