Prince Kaybee Is Sorry For What He Said About TNS

Prince Kaybee is bruying the hatchet

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

Prince Kaybee is trying to put the past behind him but it's hard to do that when everybody is still talking about a high profile incident of his.

It all went pear-shaped this weekend after Prince Kaybee appeared on the latest episode of the Mac G podcast and let's just say that he didn't do himself any favours. The Hunters Ambassador was asked to comment on one of this year's biggest sagas: his fall out with producer TNS.

The two reportedly stopped talking after TNS was said to have stolen Prince Kaybee's girl. In an interview that was recorded around the time the saga blew up, Prince Kaybee was seen to be slamming TNS and claiming that before the two met, TNS didn't even have enough money to buy himself underwear.

See how the crass exchange went down:

Needless to say, people are not impressed with Prince Kaybee after his tone and his course of action. A number of tweeps called him out for not only showing a lack of sensitivity towards poverty, but for using underhanded tactics in his bid to humiliate his ex-partner and collaborator.

However, after seeing his name dragged through the mud, Prince Kaybee has taken some big steps towards explaining exactly why he said what he said. He explained that although the interview was airing now, it had actually been recorded during a time when he and TNS were still beefing.

The Fetch Your Life hitmaker explained, "I was hurting at the time and everything I said came from a dark dirty place of disappointment because of all the things that happened between TNS and I. This happened while TNS and I were fighting, I am sorry to all the people I have disappointed"

Do you think that people are making a bigger deal of the incident than it should be, considering that TNS and Prince Kaybee are back on good terms? Or should the DJ still be held accountable for his words?

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