Prince Kaybee is not bothered by people who are not his fans

And he'll put you in your place if you think he cares.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

Prince Kaybee

They say the higher up the ladder of success you go, the more haters you accumulate, this is something that DJ Prince Kaybee could recently relate to as a troll came for him on the timeline just after he secured the bag.

Prince Kaybee has solidified his stardom ever since getting his big break into the entertainment industry on the second season of Master of Spin, it’s since been nearly three years now and he has been moving up the ladder as he bagged a gig on SABC 1’s & 2’s Season 5  and promotio hit after hit.

While social media was raving about his looks and his work ethic.

Prince Kaybee

In promotion of his latest single, the DJ took to his social media notifying his fans to give it a listen, however, after receiving many complimentary tweets one tweep voiced out that he wasn't a fan of him, but Prince Kaybee sent the hater packing with a piercing clap back.

Read the tweet below:

Prince Kaybee's twiiter post

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