Prince Kaybee On Having The Worst Year Yet

He is all up in his feelings

By  | Dec 29, 2021, 08:40 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Just recently, Prince Kaybee took to his Twitter to speak about how tough 2021 has been for him. There is no denying that he has had it rough this year, but we didn’t know that it was this bad. Should we be worried?

In his tweet, Kaybee shares some of the major things that happened to him this year that made it all the more difficult for him. From his manhood being thrown around on social media, to not being inspired musically as well as having to endure through the whole COVID season.

Not only that, Kaybee also went ahead to mention that he didn’t buy a car this year, and he was even attacked at his establishment. Eish! T for tough indeed.

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Taking to his comment section, you can already imagine how fans and tweeps have been responding to his revelation. And while many have also gone ahead to share on how the year was also not so good for them, others have decided to give him an even harder time.

For many, they are puzzled why not buying a car is such a big deal for Kaybee. But for anyone who knows the deejay, they will tell you that Kaybee really loves cars and it makes sense that it feels like a failure for him.

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Tweeps are also wondering why Kaybee has overlooked the fact that he became a father this year. Surely that is something to be celebrated is it not? 

Not only that, it is funny for many that Kaybee had to comment about his manhood being paraded on the platform when he could have avoided the whole situation altogether. 

Still, it is good to see his loyal fans appreciate his vulnerability and wish him a smoother and much better new year. They are sending him their love and are also affirming that they will sty loyal to his music no matter what happens. 

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Kaybee has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate this year more so when it comes to his music. He got dragged time and time again with many saying that he should just quit the music industry and focus on something else entirely. 

According to tweeps, if Kaybee really wants to survive the industry he should consider Amapiano instead and only then will they support him and his music. Do you agree?

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