Tweeps React To The 'Real' Prince Kaybee

Is this how he looked before fame?

By  | Dec 14, 2021, 11:47 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Not too long ago, Prince Kaybee took to his social media to share a photo of the old Kaybee and let me tell you something, there is absolutely nothing money cannot do. Tweeps are beyond shocked at the transformation of the deejay and many are left wondering, is this really Prince Kaybee?

Taking to his Instagram and Twitter, Kaybee has posted a photo of him way back when he was still a young man with young but powerful dreams. It seems, not even he himself believes that this is how he used to look before he became the one and only Kabillion. But, don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourself.

His comment section is already flooded with hilarious comments of fans in utter disbelief and others rolling on the ground saying that they can already remember this version of Kaybee.

Tweeps have also gone ahead to make fun of his then hairstyle, dreadlocks, and we have to agree, we all couldn’t believe that this is the Kaybee that we all know and recognize right now.

But even despite the diss that is low key going around in his comments, fans have also taken to reminding him that even then, when he still hadn’t made it, they still had love for him and they are happy to see that years later, he has come out bigger and better.

And such timely words these were for Kaybee seeing as he has been receiving a lot of hate for his music, with many trying to force him to quit House and start doing more of Amapiano. That however fell on a very deaf Kaybee who sternly made it clear that he was not going to change genres even if one made more money than the other.

It was not long ago when Kaybee made mad headlines when he took to his Twitter to ask why people paid Lobola when they have parents who can take care of their children financially. And while many seemed to agree with his concern, others were surprised that Kaybee could talk the way he did and yet he has a daughter.

This was barely days after he and his girlfriend, media personality Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, took to their social media to express how hard it was bringing up their second child. Zola even went on to share about her postpartum depression and tweeps and other fans alike took to send their strength and love to the new parents.

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