Is Prince Kaybee Considering Amapiano?

Things can't be this bad

By  | Dec 08, 2021, 10:44 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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It was not that long ago when Prince Kaybee was put on the spotlight when tweeps suggested that he move from House to Amapaino. And while fans advised to give these ‘know it all's’ a deaf ear, tweeps are now convinced that maybe he did take them seriously.

Just recently, Kaybee took to his social media to post a photo of him seated next to a piano. Now, while many of his fans have since taken to his comment section to say that he always looks good in all his photos, others have also gone ahead to ask the acclaimed deejay whether he has a new hit they should expect.

What didn’t miss the attention of many fans however, is when one of the tweeps reacted and said that this is just clear proof that Kaybee’s album flopped and he is now considering Amapiano. But come on people, is it really because he is seated on a piano?

If you can remember, in response to being asked to move Amapiano, Kaybee had said that he no longer does music just for survival, but it seems tweeps are still insistent that he gives the fans what they want and move to the most popular and pushed music genre right now.

It was also not that long ago when Kaybee was suddenly in his feelings when his music was compared to that of Sun El Musician. According to tweeps, his recent remix release sounded a lot like Sun El’s music.

 This saw many of his fans come to his defense and Kaybee himself was also quick to make sure everyone understood that being compared to anyone has never been a compliment to him. Now many are asking if Prince Kaybee will really survive the music industry.

But other than his music, you can recall how time and time again, fans have been left speculating about Kaybee’s relationship status. This more so happened that one time when Hazel, his then side chic had leaked nudes of Kaybee that quite literally shut down Mansi.

Kaybee who continues to keep his love life on the down low, just recently came forward to talk about how much new born babies take much of someone’s attention. This was after his girlfriend, media personality, Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, decided to speak on her postpartum depression as well as how her journey has been so far.

Guess despite all the hate he has been receiving where his music is concerned, it is good to see that at least he has something to be grateful for. 

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