Prince Kaybee Rubbishes Claims Of Stealing Fetch Your Life

It’s Prince Kaybee vs. Nota because of Msaki.

By  | Jan 20, 2023, 03:13 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Msaki’s recent interview on Podcast and Chill was for most people that have watched was educational and informative about the personal journey and life of the beloved singer-songwriter. However, it seems that one person who did not enjoy the interview was controversial personality Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi.

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This could be due to the fact that Msaki is very close friends with his estranged wife, Berita. A fact she asserted during her interview by explaining that she, Berita and Spinach a.k.a Zahara all came up at the same time in the Eastern Cape
As such, Nota seemed to want to find a reason to attack Msaki.  As such, he aimed at her by reflecting on her words about the alleged affair with Smash Afrika, which was also alleged to have resulted in the end of his marriage. 

When asked about the scandal during her interview, Msaki was evasive. But she did maintain throughout the interview that: 

“It is really not my story, MacG. I would have expected the person whose story it is to clear it up.” 

But Nota dragged her for filth, However, it seems that during his rant, he then pitted himself against Prince Kaybee and his producing skills. 

Prince Kaybee rubbishes claims of stealing
Fetch Your Life

Going on his rant, Nota not only suggested that he can write better music than Msaki. But he also went on to tell a bold-faced lie when suggesting that Fetch Your Life by Prince Kaybee and Msaki was not great nor Prince Kaybee’s. 

He alleged that Prince Kaybee did not produce the song. Instead Nota alleged that Prince Kaybee stole the beat from Calvin Harris. Safe to say that when Prince Kaybee heard the matter he was offended. So much so it seemed that he was willing to throw Msaki under the bus to receive his flowers for the hit and once upon a time Song of the Year.
But it seems that Prince Kaybee was in his feelings due to continually being underrated as a producer. 
A problem which might be the reason that he cannot make hits the same way he used to. As Prince Kaybee has previously shared and it was reported as: 

Taking to Twitter, Prince Kaybee stated that he does not have the same excitement going to the studio to work on new music, going as far as describing it as a drag. Prince Kaybee, went on to even ask his past collaborator Msaki if he could be her road manager.

Fans of the producer-DJ took to the comments section of the post to try and encourage him. But it seems that currently, Prince Kaybee is not looking to make new music. A fact which has seemingly affected the manner in which he has promoted his most recent album Gemini

The album was initially meant to be his last album according to his previous sentiments. But due to the lack of hits or impact he has had in the past two years, it seems that Prince Kaybee is hoping to bow out of music and retire at a high which he has not seen since the release of his Song of the Year hit single, Fetch Your Life

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